Monday, July 8, 2013

Copycat Monday

Skirt: Madewell // here
Top: Madewell // similar
Clutch: Love, Cortnie // similar
Shoes: H&M // similar
Bracelets: Madewell // similar
Sunglasses: Target // here

Today's Copycat Monday look was inspired by Caitlin of A Little Dash of Darling...and also by Madewell... my favorite :) I'm kind of really into matching ensembles like the one above lately. Denim on denim, neon on neon, and dots on dots are some of my other faves, so here's to hoping monochromatic everything stays in style a bit longer.

I have a big announcement today, and one that I've been dying to officially make for awhile now! For those of you who don't know much about me yet, last year Nick (the hubs) & I moved to Connecticut from Boston. While we were sad to leave Boston, there was a great job opportunity for Nick in CT, as well as the chance to move closer to some friends and both of our we thought we'd give it whirl. Well fast forward 10 months later and it turns out we are definitely more city people (and Boston people in particular)...and I am SO happy & excited to announce that we will be moving back to the Boston area at the end of August! It's going to be tough to move farther away from our families and friends again, but we've realized that ultimately, we have to do what's going to make us happy. And I'm so excited to re-embark on our journey back there...hopefully there will be some exciting changes up ahead. And Boston bloggers...can't wait to be back and to meet/catch up with you all there!

Though this past year in CT has not been the happiest time in our has definitely helped us grow and given us some wonderful things/experiences. So in honor of this past year, I'm virtually toasting to the following things CT has given me/us:

Agatha, our French Bulldog who we love to absolute pieces
Being able to have many more dinners/game nights with both of our families
The chance to say goodbye to Monty, my family's yellow lab, which might not have been possible if I had lived in Boston this year
Pool dates & vineyard picnics with the Allens (and too much Sweet Tea vodka to go with those pool dates)
Watching fireworks on the beach with the Kesslers
Attending the Villanova/UCONN basketball game
Girl's Nights/dance parties with my CT loves
Realizing that I want to take my love of fashion to the next level, whatever that might be

So thanks, CT, for all these wonderful things, and for also making me realize how much I love Boston, and that we were meant to be back there :)

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