Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Jeans: Madewell // here
Tee: Madewell // here
Blouse: Madewell // here
Boots: Madewell // here
Necklace: J. Crew // similar
Bag: Madewell // similar
Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy:

1. The fact that CVS has already out out Easter candy. Those mini Cadbury eggs are like crack I tell ya.
2. Snow. Just freaking kidding.
3. Agatha. Because she is the best cuddle buddy EVER. And I am totally buying her this costume for Halloween next year.
4. This new dress from the Madewell Spring collection. Guys, their new chambray is AWESOME. And so soft.
5. My version of huevos rancheros, that I've been addicted to lately: scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, avocadoes, plain greek yogurt (tastes like sour cream, I swear), and sriracha. YUMYUMYUM!

P.S. I'm featured on Carmen's blog, Compact Closet, talking about one of my favorite necklaces, if you guys feel so inclined to check it out :)

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