Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Winter...You Suck.

J. Crew tee
Madewell pants
Madewell chambray
J. Crew necklace
Madewell ankle boots
Zara bag

Sooooo. Is anyone else out there sick of taking outfit photos in the snow? Heck, I'm just sick of the snow altogether. Which really is a shame, because usually, I'm one of those people that LOVES the snow. But honestly, at this point, I have to say, there really is such thing as too much. And when have you ever heard me complain about too much of anything? Snow boots, I'm sick of you, heavy winter coat, thanks for keeping me warm, but I'm pretty much over you too. And slippery, ice covered sidewalk outside my house, I am definitely done with almost eating it every day on my way to work. So Winter, please go away. K thanks.

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