Monday, November 4, 2013

Plaid & Beer

Pants: Old Navy // similar
Tank: Madewell // here
Shirt: Madewell // similar
Necklace: Madewell // here
Bag: Madewell // similar
Shoes: Madewell // here

Good morning, Monday. Thanks for coming again so really didn't have to do that, really. Maybe next weekend, you can try to delay yourself a little bit, mmm K? Cool.

Anywho, the outfit I'm wearing is actually what I wore last Friday night. I don't think I told you guys this, but Nick (the hubs) was able to brew his own beer at Harpoon Brewery in Boston, and we had a tasting event at the brewery last Friday where all our friends got to try out his awesome beer. Over the Summer, Harpoon had a raffle with proceeds going to The One Fund (which benefits the Boston Marathon bombing victims). Well we were living in CT at the time, but when Nick heard about the raffle, he begged our friend Meredith to go to the brewery and buy him a ticket. Being the awesome friend that she is, Meredith ended up buying 2 raffle for Nick and one for her brother in law. Fast forward 2 months later, and I get a phone call from Nick at work. I could literally HEAR the excitement in his voice, and he goes: "Guess what?! I won..." Now let's pause for a minute...because there I was, feeding off his extreme excitement, around the time of those big power ball jackpots...and I'm all...oh MY...what did he win? Or rather how much did he win? Come to find out he won the Harpoon raffle and a day of brewing, not the power ball. So it wasn't the lottery...but for was probably just as good. And so I quickly let go of my disappointment that I couldn't quit my job that day and book an immediate vacation to Bora Bora. But I suppose that's OK, because it was a pretty cool event, with a pretty awesome cause. And some pretty delicious honey brown beer (so I've been told).

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