Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

Jeans: Madewell // here
Blouse: Madewell // here
Boots: Madewell // here
Bag: J. Crew // similar
Glasses: Warby Parker // here

Dear Jeans: Thanks for continuing my obsession with the new Madewell denim line(have you guys heard about it? There's a new designer, the jeans hold their shape better than ever, annnnd they do amazing things for your back side...just sayin'). So yes, gray jeans, thanks for makin' me feel awesome :)

Dear Blouse: You, my dear, are one of my favorite new arrivals at Madewell. Give me a bright silky blouse any day. You're good for work, but more importantly, you're perfect for play.

Dear Boots: Yes, I also have your cousin, golden spinach, so no, technically I did not need to buy you. But there was just something about your navy suede exterior that's just kind of ultra cool and badass. Plus, I've always wanted to say I had a pair of blue suede shoes.

Dear Blue Glasses: I am SO excited to add you to my eyewear collection...you are just the perfect amount of funky if I do say so...and we could all use a little more funk in our lives, I think.

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