Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Must Haves

Fall Wish List!

Blue Dress: Madewell // here
Leather Dress: Anthropologie // here
Hat: J. Crew // here
Bag: Madewell // here
Heels: J. Crew // here
Flats: Madewell // here

I didn't want to leave you guys totally hanging while I was here's a little sneak peek of some stuff I have my eye on for the Fall. I'm thinking my bank account is in trouble.

Like many of you, Fall is my favorite season. The crunchy orange leaves, the cool, crisp air, football games and tailgating, drinks that warm your soul, the deliciously cozy scents of apples, pumpkins and cloves. There is just something that is so nostalgic about this time of year. I was wandering around the Yale University campus a few weeks ago, during one of my lunch breaks, and it just so happened to be moving day for the freshmen. And as I walked down the sidewalk, past moms and dads unloading plastic bins and mini fridges, past the youngins meeting their new roomates for the first time, past the tack boards chock full of ads for theater clubs and ultimate Frisbee teams…I just had to smile to myself. And think how lucky all these freshmen were to be at this point in their lives…where anything and everything is possible. I looked at them, almost in awe, and maybe with a little bit of envy…knowing they would probably get their heart broken at least once in the next 4 years, or maybe even find their soul mate. That they would go to parties at frat houses and do keg stands, or try to play flip cup and beer pong in their tiny dorm rooms while trying to hide the sound of plastic cups from the RA. That they would probably meet their best friends, the ones they would plan Labor Day reunions with every year from now until forever, the ones who would be there when they got married, had their first baby, and when their parents got sick. That maybe they would change their major 3 different times, graduate with a degree in something useless, but still go on to find their true passion in life. I looked at them all, so eager, so ready…and I got excited for them…knowing what was to come. Knowing that it would be hard, that it would be filled with all sorts of obstacles, that maybe it would even be lonely at times…but also that it would be great. The greatest time in their lives thus far.

It made me feel wise...and then it just made me feel old. Ha :)

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