Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Skirt: Madewell // here
Tank: Madewell // here
Shoes: J. Crew // here
Glasses: Warby Parker // here
Bag: J. Crew // similar
Necklaces: Madewell // here

Dear Skirt: There is something so lovely about your hemline. It's sophisticated, yet fun & flirty at the same time. Kind of like Prosecco...sounds so fancy, but get a glass or 2 in me and wooooooo - hoooooo :)

Dear Tank: I don't think I've claimed a tank top as my favorite yet, so you will be my first. Plus, my maiden name is Gray, and YOU are gray so....yeah....we were like, totally meant to be. Totally.

Dear Glasses: I am loving that you make this whole outfit nerdy chic. I feel like Jenna Lyons and that. is. amazing.

Dear Necklace: I hope no one's getting sick of you, because we have literally been doing everything together lately. Going to work, going to happy hour, and going to Starbucks so many times a week that the workers know me by name & drink. That's totally acceptable right?

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