Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Skirt: J.Crew // here
Top: Anthropologie // on sale here
Shoes: Target // here
Necklace: Anthropologie // here
Bag: J. Crew // here

Dear Skirt: Yes, my blog friends have been seeing a LOT of you lately...and that's because you really are that cool. In case anyone out there reading today is contemplating buying you...I'm just going to give them a little nudge in the right direction and tell them to DO it...because you are one of my favorite skirts ever and I know you won't disappoint :)

Dear Top: I'm excited to finally wear you! You were one of those things I bought awhile ago but never wore for some reason...but I'm so glad I finally figured out what to wear you with because you are the perfect light weight summer shirt. And, you have stripes...so there's that.

Dear Wedges: You are one of those items that I want to buy about 5 pairs of so that when my current pair (you) gets too old, I can just whip out a brand new pair and keep wearing you forever and ever and ever. But since I can't do that, just please don't die on me anytime soon.

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