Monday, July 22, 2013

Copycat Monday

Shirt: J. Crew // here & similar
Skirt: Madewell // similar & similar
Shoes: H&M // similar
Necklaces: J. Crew // similar & similar
Bag: Madewell // here
Bracelet: Madewell // similar

Today's Copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Jenn of The Brandied Pair! I seriously adore Jenn's style and I just love the way she tied this chambray tee and threw on a statement necklace with it. BAM. Perfect Monday outfit. Thanks for the inspiration Jenn!

So, after an epic girl's night on Friday, and then a visit from my BFF and her hubs on Saturday, Nick and I spent Sunday packing and getting ready for our trip to Ireland! Yes, we had to forego our usual Sunday routine of sitting on the couch and eating 3 bags of popcorn while watching 17 episodes of Dexter in a row...but it's OK because for once, packing actually made me so much more excited instead of overwhelmed! I've heard so many different things about what to pack for Ireland (I guess it rains a lot and never really gets above 75 degrees), so I will definitely be sitting on my suitcase in order to close it...but hey, a girl's gotta have options, especially when she's on vacation...and even more-so when that vacation involves Irishmen with accents that make you weak in the knees, right? Right.

I'm probably going to make Nick start talking in an Irish accent when we get back. Just sayin' might happen. 

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