Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Skirt: J. Crew // here & similar
Tank: Madewell // similar
Shoes: Shoemint // similar
Necklace: J. Crew // here
Clutch: J. Crew // similar
Dear Skirt: I've confessed my love for you many a time on this little blog here, but that is not going to stop me from doing it again. Because when you love something (one), you say it, otherwise the moment...well it just passes you by...(yeah this just got weird - but anyone know what movie that last line is from)?
Dear Tank: You go on with yo' bad self. I get so many compliments on your criss cross back whenever I wear you so I just want to say thanks for that. Thanks for being business in the front & party in the back.
Dear Shoes: Let's talk about our love/hate relationship for a sec. On the one hand, you are utterly fabulous with your sassy pink color and sexy ankle strap, and you make me feel amazing when I dance in you. But on the other, I literally want to chop my toes off and throw you in front of a bus after a night of wearing you. Clearly looking fabulous trumps any pain you cause because I still have all my toes, and you are safely tucked away in your box in my closet...annnd I insist on wearing you to every wedding I've attended this Summer. Yep, I'm a total sucker.

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