Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Pants: Old Navy // here
Sweater: J.Crew // here
Wedges: J.Crew // here
Bag: J.Crew // here
Necklace: J.Crew // similar and similar

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy:

1. This J.Crew sweater I'm wearing. Isn't it the prettiest color?  And it's so lightweight...I only have pit stains on one arm instead of both. Kidding :)
2. BBQs! My parents are having one this weekend and I can't wait for good food, good drinks, good company...and catching lightning bugs. Because obviously that is what you do at the end of every BBQ.
3. Dexter! I know, I'm super late on this one, but I LOVE when there are 7 seasons of a show to catch up on...which somehow inadvertently leads to entire weekends being lost by watching episodes back to back...oops.
4. The rewards card I got a Fro Yo World last week...this could be dangerous. Or epic...what's the world record on consecutive days of eating fro yo? Anyone?
5. Chocolate covered frozen bananas. Best summahtime treat ever.

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