Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Dress: Target // here
Wedges: Target // here
Bag: J.Crew // here

Dear Dress: Your mom (Target) is the best in the whole world because she let me buy you from her for so cheap! I know that probably sounds like a bad mom in your eyes...but guess what?! It means we can be together forever. We can have picnics and go to garden parties and sip girly cocktails...and do anything else that requires a pretty Summer dress. YAY.

Dear Wedges: I suppose I have to thank Target again for having such an awesome shoe selection. You are cute and you're comfy and I see many fun Summer nights in our future. And probably some dancing. Yeah, I know...get excited.

Dear Bag: I'm not sure if it's acceptable to use a straw beach bag as an everyday tote...but that's what I'm doing with you today. I'm sure you would rather be laying on the sand somewhere, getting a nice tan with a book by your side...wait a minute...so would I!
Let's ditch dress & wedges and go have a beach day...you in? What's that? Oh, WORK? Wellll...I think I feel a sore throat coming on...

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