Monday, June 3, 2013

Copycat Monday

Shirt: J. Crew // similar
Skirt: J. Crew // here and similar
Necklace: J. Crew // here
Wedges: J. Crew // here and similar
Clutch: J. Crew // similar

Today's Copycat Monday post was inspired by Em of The Refined Woman. I'll be honest, I think this J.Crew gingham shirt is a couple years old, and I've only worn it once (note: this happens a lot when you have a teensy tiny shopping "problem" shall we call it). So when I saw Em in this outfit, I knew it was time to break it out again, along with my friend, the green pencil skirt. Plus, any excuse to wear my J.Crew necklace really gets me goin.' Thanks for the inspiration Em :)

Did you guys have a good weekend? As I mentioned last week, my bestest friend in the whole wide world got married on Saturday, and I was the Matron of Honor. It was an amazing weekend. She looked so beautiful and there was just so much love all around. We danced, we drank, and I rocked my toast (if I'm allowed to say that)! I'll be honest, I can't believe it's all over...and I'm a little bit sad. Crazy how that happens, right?! Kind of weird that it feels a little like it did after my own strange to get back to life without the stress and excitement of a wedding, you know? Is there such thing as a honeymoon for the Maid/Matron of Honor? Because I kind of feel like I need one :)

And thanks for your help picking out my GNO shoes on seems most of you liked the "Kinda Crazy" I'll keep ya posted.

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