Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Dress: H&M Similar: here
Shoes: Anthropologie (here) 
Clutch: American Apparel Similar: here
Bracelets: Anthropologie (here)
Necklace: Anthropologie (here)

Dear Dress: I wore you to my friend Steph's bridal shower this past weekend. It was so much fun, so thanks for a good time. But I also want to tell you that I don't appreciate that I sweat my butt off speed walking the 1.2 mile round trip to H&M during my lunch break to get you, only to bring you home and find a stain right in the boob area. So then I made that same horrible trek in 70 degree humidity the next day to exchange you...and ended up with sweaty pit stains and a sprained ankle. But, I guess you were worth it. Yeah, for $24.95, you were worth it.

Dear Clutch: I want you in every color. That is all.

Dear Bracelets: I have been KIND of obsessed with arm parties lately. And so when I saw you online, I knew we were meant to be. It's been an uneventful relationship so far, but hang on to your hats (or jewels, whatever) ...because I have a feeling we will be doing lots of things together this Summer. Hope you're as excited as I am :)

Dear Shoes: I splurged on you because I really felt I needed a pair of patterned heels in my life. And you did not disappoint. I wore you through all 4 pit stops on the trip from Boston to CT (yes, 4 pit stops in a 2 hour drive), and then all day long while drinking glass after glass of delicious sangria. And you held up perfectly - no tripping whatsoever, which is quite an accomplishment for me after having even one glass of sangria. Well done shoes, well done.


  1. Your dress is gorgeous and I'm loving your shoes!!!


  2. Gorgeous dress... and MUST HAVE THOSE SHOES!!!!