Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talk to My Outfit Tuesday

Jeans: J. Brand Blazer: Madewell Blouse: Zara Boots, Bag, Necklace: J. Crew

Dear Outfit: I wore you to the Boston Blogger meetup last week, and we had a blast! I met up with Sara of 7 Twenty Somethings, Casey of Girl in the Poodle Shoes, and Jen of FLY Photography beforehand, and we actually went to the Bleacher Bar which overlooks the field at Fenway Stadium. We may have accidentally crashed some charity event by being there, but that didn't stop us from having a few drinks.  Sara is so sweet and loves all sports as much as I love my college basketball! And it was so great seeing Casey again, she looked super cute in her red peplum skirt. We made our way over to the event where I met Holly of HollyDolly, and I was like a shy little school girl before meeting her. I caught her eye at the beginning of the night, but wasn't sure if she saw me, so I looked away quickly and started blushing...but finally got the courage to go say hi, and I'm SO glad I did! She looked SO adorable in her gingham shirt and floral skirt, and she was so fun to talk to. So thanks outfit, for getting me through my first social blog event. It was real. And we should do it again. But in a different outfit, so never mind.

Dear Blazer: I kind of feel like I could sew a Gryffindor logo on you and whisk myself off to Harry Potter world in Orlando, FL (clearly the only way to travel there is by whisking oneself). So that fact alone makes you super cool. But also, I feel really classy when I wear you, which is fun because I wouldn't always call myself a "classy" girl. Look away dad, look away.

Dear Floral Blouse: I REALLY should not have bought you, but clearly I could not resist your pretty floral print, so I caved. If there is one thing that can break me, it's flowers. And Ryan Gosling. Pretty sure he could convince me to buy anything too...even dog poo.

Dear Bag: I went to the blogger meetup straight from work, so you were REALLY full and looked more like a duffel bag than a purse. Yikes, I hope the other bloggers didn't think I was a hoarder. At one point I had to look for my debit card and pulled out a hardcover book, a hair straightener, a scarf, and a banana - all in order to get to my wallet. It was kind of like I had put an undetectable extension charm on you, like Hermione did to her bag in Harry Potter 7. Kind of awesome. 

P.S. Sorry for all the Harry Potter references, I sure do hope you guys like Harry as much as I do :)


  1. I love your shirt!! The print is gorgeous!


  2. All the Harry potter references make me like you even more :)