Monday, April 9, 2012

Lipstick Love

Pants, Tee, Blouse, Necklace, Bag (sale): J. Crew Flats: Madewell

Today's copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Tara of Mix and Match Fashion. I just took her color scheme and ran with it. This is how to NOT wear neon subtly - and I LOVE it! Anyway, Tara has an AWESOME blog (I'm sure most of you know it), and I've been wanting to copy one of her outfits for awhile. She comes up with the best color combos, kind of like this one. So go on & check her out. Thanks for the inspiration Tara!

Last week, I kept seeing such pretty bright pink & red lipstick on so many bloggers, and mentioned it in a couple of my comments. I wrote things like: "Love the red lips :)" And then I realized that I kind of felt like a creeper by commenting that someone's lips looked so nice and red... then putting the smiley face after it...almost like I was hitting on them or something. But I wasn't, I swear! So if you got a weird comment about your lips like this from me last week - please just take it as a compliment, and not a come on :)


  1. I love your pants! Such an amazing color!


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog Annie :)
    your outfit is gorgeous!
    those two colors are my nail colors now! SAME SAME haha

    Btw, HERE is the link of the top that you liked it from my last post. Hope it helps you


  3. I love all the bright pastel colors going on here. Love those pants! Jcrew is the best huh :)