Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weather Shmeather

Dress & Bangle: H&M Blazer: Madewell Belt: Anthropologie Bag: J. Crew Shoes: Urban Outfitters

So I'm finding it pretty hard to put together outfits a week ahead of time right now.  Mostly because the weather is so ever changing - one day I'll check and will predict 60s and 70s all week, but then it will actually turn out to be in the 40s. So fingers crossed for me this week guys, because let's face it, those weather people can't be trusted, and if it turns out to be freezing (and chances are it will), well then, I'm going to look like a big jerk in all my pretty pastels and bare legs.


  1. I love your belt and shoes! Gorgeous colors together.


  2. i LOVE this look!!!

    xo's, vanessa

  3. K, so this is one of my fav looks EVER on you! Looking good chica! :)