Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

Jeans & Bracelet: Madewell Shirt: Anthropologie Shoes & Bag: J. Crew Necklace: c/o LYLIF

Dear Awesome Orange Necklace: You were sent to me by the lovely people over at LYLIF.com (a fabulous website that offers trendy jewelry & cute accessories at really affordable prices)! I think you are the perfect Spring statement necklace, and you really spruce up my nice new floral blouse with your funky orange & gold combo. I also think you are super sassy with your spikes...so yeah, I am just lovin' you... A LOT :)

Dear Floral Blouse: You are my new flavor of the week, so hooray for you! I think it's because you are just perfect for the first week of Spring. Plus, when I wear you, birds chirp, my skin gets an extra layer of tan, and I smell fresh cut grass everywhere. Or maybe that's all in my head, but whatever. You're still perfect in my eyes.

Dear Boyfriend Jeans: Oh, hello again. I may have dug you out of the bottom of the hamper just for this outfit. And unfortunately, you may have been in there with all Nick's sweaty gym clothes - but it was nothing 10 minutes in the dryer and a bottle couple squirts of perfume couldn't fix.


  1. Love your necklace and floral top!!


  2. Love your outfit from head to toe! Especially love your shirt and bag!