Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Think Pink

Shirt: Madewell Skirt: J. Crew outlet Belt: J. Crew Tights: Target Shoes: Urban Outfitters Watch: Michael Kors

There is a whole lotta pink goin' on here (in case you guys didn't catch that). I woke up and just felt so full of love and sunshine that I thought I would show it via my outfit. Just kidding, I was a miserable wretch waking up at 5am, but wearing these bright colors kind of did put me in a better mood. Probably because most of the people on my way to work were staring at me - which I should interpret to mean that I looked really cute, right? 

But they could also have been staring because the rest of the world is not on the brightly colored outfit train yet. Or maybe it was the awkward color of my tights.

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