Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talk to My Outfit Tuesday

Dress, Belt, Boots, Socks: Madewell Scarf: Gap Bag & Bracelets: J. Crew 

Dear Dress: You are one of my favorites - but you are KIND of tricky to clean (read: I'm too lazy & cheap to bring you to the dry cleaner)...so I may or may not have worn you (quite) a few times without washing you...and so you may or may not be just a litttttttle stinky . Guess I need to figure that situation out before I start getting weird looks from my fellow subway riders. And co-workers.

Dear Pink Scarf: You are also on top of my own personal "It List." I have been wearing you like that hideous, gaudy, sweatpant jumpsuit that I would insist on wearing every day in pre-school. You are kind of like my new security blanket. The other day, I even found an old french fry crumb in your folds.

Dear Boots: I wore you all weekend in Philly...and man, we had some good times. We ate some Mexican food, we went the the basketball game where my team lost in overtime and so I lost my voice screaming obscenities at them, we went to that SUPER crowded bar where I had approximately 3 different drinks spilled on me and that whorish silly girl flirted with the hubs while I was right next to him (which was also kind of hilarious), and then we drove the 6 plus hours home (read: I slept/drooled the entire car ride home and left poor Nick to conquer the roads on his own - except for the 4 times I made him stop so I could pee - yeah, I'm the best co-pilot, huh).

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