Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Talk to My Outfit Tuesday

Jeans: Madewell Chambray shirt, blouse, necklace, bracelets: J. Crew Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Dear Jeans: You have made me want to buy another pair of boyfriend jeans, since you are so comfy and I love you so much. But how many pairs of loose, baggy, unflattering jeans does a girl need? Probably more than one, right? Right!
p.s. I totally JUST realized I'm wearing you 2 days in a row. So clearly I DO need another pair.

Dear Polka Dot Shirt: As you know, polka dots are my favorite! So I will wear you with my pants and I will wear you when I dance. I will wear you with a skirt, and I will wear you over this shirt. I will wear you to  the store, and I will wear you so much nobody will read my blog anymore.

Dear Pink Shoes: You are PINK. Nuff said.

Dear Pearls: You make me feel fancy. Even though I'm wearing you with jeans, I kind of want to go have an afternoon tea. Yeah, that sounds much better than work.


  1. I love your shoes!! I think I need some pink shoes in my life :)


  2. Oh yes all my favorites in one outfit- the bfj, the polka dots and pearls. They never go wrong. You look cute chic and classy altogether!