Monday, February 27, 2012

My first blog date

Gingham Shirt: Gap Cardigan & Jeans: Madewell Bag, Shoes & Necklace: J. Crew Belt: H&M

Happy Monday! Today's Copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Audrey of Putting Me Together. Audrey has an awesome blog and such a cute & casual style - go on & check her out!

Bear with me guys - this is going to be a longer post - so you can either check out my outfit & peace out- or stay and read about my fabulous blog "date!"

 I told you on Friday that I met up with my very first bloggy friend, Casey, of Girl in the Poodle Shoes. I should mention before my re-cap of the date that I have this irrational fear that I'm socially awkward, so that made me extra nervous. Annnnd, it kind of felt like I was getting ready for a blind date, weird? For example, Casey, don't judge me if you are reading this, but I totally changed my outfit like 3 times before I found the perfect ensemble (OK, it was more like 5). Anyway, on my way to the restaurant - I kept seeing people on the street and thinking - oh, maybe that's her, or that girl...until I finally realized... I already KNOW what she looks like, doofus! So I get to the restaurant and start awkwardly looking around for Casey, getting more self conscious by the second. I don't see her so I sit down and order some wine. And then I do that thing where I pretend I'm really interested in the drink menu in front of me, so I don't look like I'm that weird girl alone at a bar (and because I STILL don't have a smart phone to play Words with Friends with). My mind starts wandering while I'm waiting...and I have a few thoughts: 1) what if I'm stood up? I forgot to give Casey my phone #, so if something came up last minute - I would have been sitting there like a total (well -dressed) loser - eek! 2) what if she turns out to be like, 20, and then I feel like an old freakin' lady and we have nothing to talk about? 3) are we going to shake hands, or hug, and which is less awkward since really, I don't know Casey at all? See - I told you I have social anxiety - who stresses about stuff like this?! A few minutes later, to my relief, Casey arrives, comes right up to me, and gives me a big hug! Phew. 1 & 3 taken care of. We sit and order some drinks (she's not 20 by the way)...and just start chatting. I had read other bloggers posts about their first meet ups - and they were all completely right - I felt like I had known Casey for years! We talked about blogging, trashy TV, work, and even shared some stories from our good 'ol college days. Oh and I should probably mention how cool and laid back Casey is - and that she is super cute! She was actually rockin' her poodle shoes - which were AWESOME by the way. It was so much fun... I can't wait to do it again. And if any of you out there are hesitant about meeting up with a fellow blogger - I totally encourage you to do it anyway! Unless you happen to be into blogs written by old, creepy men who post about collecting life size dolls or something weird like that. In that case - don't do it. Luckily, Casey has a fabulous style blog as well, so we were good.

Oh and I totally didn't even need the fake "emergency" call I asked Nick to make in case the "date" wasn't going well. Totally kidding Casey...totally kidding - there was no such pre - arrangement :)

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