Friday, February 17, 2012

Stopping Traffic

Dress: Urban Outfitters Scarf: Gap Belt: Madewell Tights: Target Boots: Nine West Bangle: J. Crew outlet

The best thing about today: this outfit fits the Frugal Friday budget! Virtual high fives all around :)

Second best thing - I was successfully able to stop traffic in this outfit so that we could take pics in the middle of the street. Maybe it was because I looked like a criminal in this dress (yep - those are actual words from a co-worker) and I scared all the cars away. Good thing though, because the sidewalk was surprisingly busy with pedestrians this day. It was like everyone and their mother, uncle, pet chihuahua named Enchilada, and 3rd cousin decided to walk outside at the exact moment we decided to take these. Thanks dress - for making me look super tough and intimidating so we could get it done. Despite the lineup of cars behind me beeping...and the family picnic watching me as intensely as their daily soap operas.

Have a GREAT weekend - we will be headed to Philly for some college hoops, friends, and most likely, shenanigans.

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