Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Dress: Urban Outfitters Belt, Clutch, Tights: J. Crew Boots: Nine West (sale) Earrings:  Anthropologie Bangle: J. Crew outlet Studded Bracelet: Madewell

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Red Dress: I will be wearing you to dinner tonight. It is our first V Day as hubs and wifey, so I am EXTRA excited! There will be yummy French food, champagne, creme brulee (I hope), and best of all - my handsome man. So please work your red, lacy magic and make me look extra pretty tonight. Thanks.

Dear Boots: You helped me walk all over NYC Saturday night. You were there for my best friend's surprise engagement dinner, and then you were there when we went to 2 other bars and I thought water and wine were apparently the same thing. Woof. Maybe next time you can warn me that they are not.

Dear J. Crew Clutch: Let me tell ya, you are pret-ty snazzy with your little gold details. Thank you for holding my ID on Saturday night. I know you didn't mean to be sneaky and hide it in your secret compartment  so that it took me 20 minutes and a mini panic attack to find it- I think it was just your own way of telling me that 3rd glass of wine wasn't a good idea. Next time maybe I'll listen.

Dear Earrings: I was trying to get a good picture of you to show to my blog friends, but you kept playing peek a boo behind my hair. I don't know why you were being so shy, because you are so pretty & sparkly. Oh wait, it was SUPER windy and freakin' cold - maybe that's why. I forgive you.

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