Monday, February 13, 2012

A Greasy Cure...

Collared shirt & striped shirt: J. Crew Jeans: J. Brand Shoes: Target Flower: Forever 21 Glasses: Warby Parker

Oh hey guys! This is my "I'm hungover, cranky, and need a greasy cheeseburger and french fries right now" look. I'm surprised I actually managed a smile since all I was thinking about was how long it would take to get to the nearest McDonald's. Oh wait, that's probably why I was smiling. Did someone say McFlurry?

Anyway, this Copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Mandy of Juggling Chic. The second I saw her post, I knew I wanted to put something similar together. She has fabulous style, and I always love the color combos she comes up with. Thanks for the inspiration Mandy! You guys should go check her out and leave her some love :)

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