Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Optical Illusions & Sarcasm

Skirt & Blouse: Anthropologie Tights & Boots: Target Belt & Bangles: J. Crew

This blouse makes me look like I have *tharms. And before you tell me that I don't have tharms - hear me out:  Now I'm not saying my arms are fat & flubbery - what I'm saying is that for some reason - the way this blouse is cut makes them look way bigger than normal. So I'll blame the blouse for causing some optical illusion & creating my tharms. Or it could be all the McDonald's I ate on Sunday...kind of like this girl.

It's my blog & I'll pick on myself if I want to. But it's mostly for your entertainment. You're welcome :)

*Via Urban Dictionary, if you are not familiar with the term tharm:
(n); A combination of the words - thigh, and arm; term used to describe a woman's/man's upper arm that is very fat - looking very much like a "thigh". 
Often, the fat rolls out from underneath the person's shirt sleeve.

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