Friday, February 10, 2012

Strike a Pose

Dress: Modcloth Belt: J. Crew Clutch: Madewell Tights: Target Shoes: Steve Madden Bracelet: Nordstrom

Apparently I think I look really cute whilst tucking my hair behind my ear - because I've just noticed - I do that quite a lot in outfit pics. I guess I'm just trying to find ways to mix it up so you guys don't get bored with my poses. Though there have got to be some better making my old cheerleading faces with winks and kissy lips (just kidding - I NEVER made those faces and got yelled at a lot for NOT smiling), or maybe doing the Dougie, or looking down at my feet like I'm all shy or really into my shoes. Oh wait, I already do that last one - way.too.much. 

So I got this dress from Modcloth...and I'm kind of in love. I wasn't really quite sure how to style it, and kept thinking I needed more jewelry or layers. But I finally just decided to keep it simple and added the red clutch and black belt. Sometimes, I think simple is better. Kind of like Simply Orange is the best OJ. And no, not because it's ridiculously overpriced - but because they keep it simple.

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