Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Shirt, Boots, Socks: Madewell Jeans: J. Brand Scarf: Forever 21

Before we get to the warm & fuzzies - everyone gave so much love to my leopard clutch yesterday, that I wanted to give you guys the link to the Etsy shop & give Cortnie a shout out - it's an AWESOME clutch! So go get one right over here!

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday:

1. Greek food. The hubs & I went to this cute little Greek restaurant on Saturday night and had the BEST dinner. And, I got a glass of wine for $4.50! That's like, almost reasonable pricing. Normally in Boston you get a glass for the same price as a bottle. So I was pretty happy. Especially after TWO glasses.
2. Snooki's rabbit suit. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Snooks decided to buy this rabbit suit, and wear it around the Jersey Shore house. I find it kind of awesome and hilarious for some reason. What, you guys aren't addicted to crappy reality TV like I am?
3. Property Brothers on HGTV. Those guys can renovate a room like Snooki can rock extensions/slutty clothes & dance drunkenly on tables. Sorry for all the Jerz references - I watched a re-run yesterday. And am apparently obsessed with Snooki? 
4. This Polka dot scarf. I was in line to buy something else at Forever 21 last week, when I spotted this gem of a scarf just sitting right next to the register, begging to be taken home with me. There were about 27 people ahead of me in line (as per the usual at Forever) and so I said a secret prayer that nobody before me would realize it's potential. Clearly everyone else in line was slacking, because as you can see, it is mine ALL mine. Mwah ha ha ha.
5. Going to the gym on Saturday. Normally, I would NEVER include this on my list because I hate the gym. But I'm one of those people who gets fat when I don't work out - so Nick & I dragged our butts there this past Saturday and worked. it. OUT. I think I mostly enjoyed this because then I felt like I could eat anything I wanted for the rest of the weekend. Including a whole plate of nachos and 80% of the cookies I baked for Superbowl. When it comes to food, I need to learn how to share.

Oh and yes, this is the outfit I wore on Superbowl Sunday - too bad it didn't bring the Patriots any luck :(

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