Friday, February 3, 2012


Sweater & Pants: H&M Socks, Scarf, Boots: Madewell Clutch: American Apparel

I guess I'm obsessed with these pants. I wear them 90% of the time for Frugal Friday outfits, probably because they are the cheapest pants I own. Which also means that more than likely, they won't last very much longer - the button is already kinda falling off. I'm going to blame that on their cheapness, and not the chocolate chip cookies & brownies that I bake/eat every week. That's fair, right? RIGHT!

Oh, and I'm clearly also obsessed with knee socks and boots. So yeah, add those 2 to the list of things I won't shut up about (others include nachos, sequins, and my love for TV, in case you were wondering). But most of you probably knew the list already :)

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