Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Dress & Belt: Anthropologie Scarf & Bangles: J. Crew Tights & Shoes: Target

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday:

1. French toast. Nick made some for me on Saturday morning and it was so yummy I almost cried. There was literally syrup dribbling down my chin.
2. Happy hour. We unexpectedly attended happy hour with some friends at a local bar last Friday. It was an awesome way to wind down after a long week. Yeah, I definitely also ate nachos (if you are new here, I am mildly obsessed with nachos).
3. Running down the street. Let me explain: Sometimes, when Nick & I are out participating in weekend shenanigans, we decide the best thing to do is run the 1/4 mile home because it's so cold. So yeah, this one literally makes me warm. And yes, this makes us weirdos - I know you were wondering, so I'll just throw it out there.
4. HBO. We decided to order it on a whim on Saturday - and spent all day on Sunday watching Game of Thrones & True Blood. Who needs to go outside on a beautiful sunny day when you have awesome shows (and Alexander Skarsgard) to watch for hours on end?
5. Chocolate chip cookies. The Winter always puts me in the mood to bake. So pretty much, every weekend I whip up a batch of cookies or brownies (gluten free) to enjoy while we lounge in front of our TV. I might be the only person to NOT lose weight on a gluten free diet. And proud of it?

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