Monday, February 6, 2012


Jeans: J. Brand Sweater: J. Crew Boots, Necklace & Blouse: Madewell Clutch: American Apparel Belt: Forever 21 Socks: Target Glasses: Warby Parker

Today's Copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Jessica of Yellow Voices. She is SO gorgeous and her outfits are clearly awesome for copying. Her version is a little more fun with the patterned blouse underneath. But I decided to wear my case of the no good very bad Mondays, and go with black and brown.

The hubs may have wanted to kill me after this photo session. You know when you wear a pair of jeans that are just a liiiiiiittle too tight - and then, like a freakin' genious - you decide to wear a tight -ish sweater with them? Well, that makes for some serious muffin top, so we had to have a few um, re-takes. Meaning we walked all the way back upstairs, sat on the couch, began to look through the pics...and then I said NO, oh NO! And back outside we went. I thought I had taught Nick when to tell me to suck it in - but apparently he needed another talking to. And then I bought him dinner for being such a champ about taking not 5 but 6 sets of outfit pics.

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