Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Shirt, Sweater, Necklace (sale), Bag (sale): J. Crew Jeans: Madewell Shoes: Converse/Chuck Taylor

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday:

1. Awkard girls running down the street. What?! We were having our little outfit photo shoot, including these super dorky posed pics on the stairs, when this girl comes RUNNING down the street. Nick & I look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and resume photos. 90 seconds later she comes RUNNING back the other way. Which also explains that last awkward picture of myself laughing. Crazy things be goin' ON up in mah hood.
2. Chuck Taylors. I seriously LOVE these sneaks. I was super excited it was so warm this weekend (there I go with that weather talk should stop reading now) because I got to bust them out and not have my toes freeze. HOORAY!
3. This new bar called Saloon in Somerville. Nick & I had date night Saturday night, and we found this place. It's very inconspicuous and we felt like secret club members when we stumbled upon it. It's super cool... like an old speakeasy. And the cocktails, OH the cocktails...I just couldn't shut up about them. And the bartenders wore suspenders. And one of them had a SWEET mustache. If you live in the area...totally go there. Totally.
4. Thrifting! I thrifted something (an oversized, stinky blouse) for the first time in years...and so I'm very proud of myself. We'll see if I can actually make it look presentable AND get the stink out. It was quite an experience though. I sort of felt like I needed to immediately wash my hands after leaving the store. And there may have been a homeless man sitting on the couch drinking a Mike's Hard Raspberry Lemonade. Rock on, thrifty homeless man...our local Goodwill is your bar.
5. Lazy Sundays. Apparently my entire weekend consisted of eating, drinking wine, laying on the couch/bed and watching movies (oh and finding that AWESOME bar). But who doesn't love a lazy Sunday?

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