Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Safety First

Pants, Blouse, Bangles, Necklace: J. Crew Sweater: Gap Bag: Zara (gifted) Shoes: Target Studded Bracelet: Madewell

So I am super excited to post this outfit because it's one of the ones I actually dreamt about (yes, I have blog dreams...I think it's because I'm obsessive very Type A). But anyway, I asked for this pepto pink blouse for Christmas, and my mom totally came through...thanks Mom! And then one morning, a few days after Christmas, I awoke with a start, and the image of this outfit in my head. Was it a stroke of genius that woke me, or just the ridiculous color combo? I like to think it worked out pretty well, despite the obnoxious colors. And OK, you can see me coming from a mile away because I'm so bright, but I walk a lot, so that's a good thing right? It may be loud, but at least it ensures my safety as a pedestrian :)

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