Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Promiscuous Girl

Dress: Free People Sweater Coat: Madewell (gifted) Shoes: Steve Madden Clutch: H & M

sequin dress 2
Dress: Jane Norman Cape & Clutch: House of Fraser Shoes: Nine West Earrings: Lord & Taylor
The Two for Tuesday item this week is a sequin dress. Sorry it's a repeat, but really, can you ever get enough sequins? The correct is answer is NO.

This is the outfit I wore on NYE. We took the pictures the morning of...and, alright, I'm just gonna say it: you can totally see Bubba, my food baby. Now I don't want to turn this into an I hate my body rant, because I don't hate my body...just Bubba really. I need someone to tell me when to suck it in when we are taking outfit pics, since it apparently doesn't occur to the hubs. I guess I can't blame him...I think he was probably too busy trying to peek up my dress. Kidding. But he did tell me the dress was, well...a little promiscuous.  Awesome. Suspicion that dress is too short & tight slutty for cocktail party: confirmed.  So did I still wear the dress? YEP. Did I end up accidentally flashing most of the guests at the party? Well.....maybe :)

P.S. I did decide to pair the dress with more opaque tights that night...and I think that helped the promiscuity factor. Annnnd I picked up a good 'ol pair of every woman's best friend: Spanx. And the oversized sweater coat hopefully helped too.

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