Friday, January 6, 2012

Potty Mouth

Skirt: H&M Sweater: Anthropologie (sale/few years ago) Belt, Boots & Tee: J. Crew Bracelet: J. Crew outlet Bag: Zara (gifted) Glasses: Warby Parker Socks: Target

OK it's frugal Friday and I'm cheating again. I'm bad, I know it. I almost feel as guilty as I do when I cheat on my diet. Just kidding...I don't diet (more like I can't diet because I have zero willpower, but either way). I'm sorry guys...I just couldn't help it. The bag was a Christmas present from the I didn't spend any money on it - that sort of counts as frugal, right? And I was just really excited to put it on the blog/use please forgive me.

 So here's a random topic: little kids with potty mouths. My kid (a girl, I'm definitely having a girl, I already decided) is undoubtedly going to have one of those. I was at Starbucks the other day, and there was a mom putting cream in her coffee, with her little girl in tow. Somehow the coffee got knocked over. And the little girl goes: "Oh shit, mom." Now I'm one of those people that thinks it's hilarious when a little kid accidentally says some crazy curse word. It's just so cute, because they don't know what it means. Or is it cute because they kind of DO?

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