Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's Warm AND Fuzzy?

Jeans: J Brand Poncho: Anthro (sale) Shirt: J. Crew Scarf & Boots: Madewell

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy:
1. Kickin' my little sista's butt during the run we went on this weekend. No but seriously, don't I get bragging rights if I am 10 years older and SHE can't keep up with ME? I think so. To be fair, I GUESS she did recently get over being sick. But I'm still givin' myself props on this :)
2. Seeing old friends while drinking margaritas & playing board games.  Love it, but this presents a few problems. First, I am normally SUPER competitive at board games for some reason. I get PISSED when I'm not winning. Add a few margaritas and, well, I'm extra feisty. Nick may have slept on the couch after THAT game of Apples to Apples.
3. Pineapple bake. My mom made it on Thanksgiving. It's like sweet, pineapple bread frickin' delicious. It has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving...but give me some warm, gooey, sugary bread...and I am done for.
4. Seeing Christmas trees on top of cars on our drive home. And forcing Nick to listen to Christmas music the WHOLE. WAY. HOME.
5. My little sister getting into proud of you Sammy!! You are just all up in the blog today :)
6. My Aunt Judy. She is in the pic below, taken recently in Paris. She has such great style, I had to feature her on the blog. She is wearing typical Parisian garb and looks FAB - U - LOUS.

Sunglasses & bag: Kate Spade NY Sweater: Tracey Reese Shirt: Splendid Skirt: Juicy Couture (a few years back) Tights: DKNY Ankle boots: Texto (bought in Chalon Sur Saone) Jewelry: David Nelson Exquisite Jewelry & David Yurman

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