Friday, December 2, 2011

The Secret Life of Annie Gray

Dress: H & M Belt & Scarf: Madewell (< $50) Boots: J. Crew

It's Frugal Friday here on the blog (minus the boots)...and I'm so happy in my outfit that I'm twirlin' in it (check me out...pic 3). Don't you just love a cute, cheap, flowy dress that twirls when you spin? I sure do. 

For some reason, I look a little gray in these pics. Gray, haha, get it? My last name. I don't think I've unveiled that before...but yes, my last name is that's the reason for the title of the blog. I'm sharing my secret life with you! Just like Alex Mack (hope you guys get that Nickelodeon reference). But anyway, I'm going to blame the camera and/or my photographer (the hubs) for not adjusting the lighting correctly. Lesson: when you hate the way you look, blame inanimate objects and/or someone else. I think investing in some lipstick might help. But for now, Nick, step up your photography game dude. Just you!

And we are off to celebrate LOVE at the wedding of 2 of our very good friends...see ya Monday!

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