Monday, December 5, 2011

Pink Teeth

Jeans & Clutch: Madewell Shirt & Blazer: J. Crew Shoes: Urban Outfitters Glasses: Warby Parker
This Copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Jessica Quirk of  What I Wore. To put it simply...she has a gorgeous sense of style and her outfits are always so well put together...go check her out...go on!

So I decided to invest in some lipstick last week, after seeing how pale I was lookin' in my outfit pics. The first time I put it on, I was slightly taken aback by the brightness and felt a little "Pretty Woman - esque"...but I'm now kind of obsessed. I wore it over the weekend at the wedding we went to...and it made me feel so glamorous & sexy to have bright pink lips. I also felt like a 65 year old woman after I saw the lipstick stains on my coffee cup and my teeth. But yeah, other than that, I felt pretty sexy.

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