Friday, December 30, 2011

Scaredy (of) Cat(s)

Skirt: Urban Outfitters Shirt & Scarf: J. Crew (sale) Clutch: Madewell Shoes: Target

 Holy crap guys: yep, there's a cat on the roof!  I have a confession: I am deathly afraid of cats. Deathly. Afraid. Irrational fear? I don't THINK so: their beady eyes, their sharp claws, that scary hissing noise they make (seriously though...that noise is downright terrifying). And I'm pretty sure this cat, well, she KNOWS I'm afraid! Look at her... scowling at me in that last pic...up on her high horse/roof.

So given that there is a cat on the roof, and I am shaking, nauseous and sweating from fear... I casually ask Nick to let me know when she gets closer, so that I can slowly back away and maybe avoid an actual heart attack. Well, my hubs just can't let a chance for a good laugh pass, so does he tell me when the cat is at the edge of the shed, about to pounce on my head and claw my face off? Nope! I look up, mid pic, and start shrieking and trying to run away. In my heels. In the mud. Yeah, Nick was too busy laughing his a** off to get a good shot of that whole scene. And now I have a bum ankle. This did NOT help my opinion of cats. Or of Nick.

P.S. I know a lot of you might be cat I'm sorry if I've offended you - I know not ALL cats are evil. Just all of the ones I've come in contact with :) Kidding. OK, 75% kidding.

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