Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Blouse & Jeans: Madewell Vest: Zara Necklace: J. Crew Shoes: Target

boyfriend jeans
Cape & Bracelet: J. Crew Sweater: DKNY Jeans: Quiksilver Clutch: Rusty Zipper Shoes: Steve Madden
The Two for Tuesday item this week is....boyfriend jeans! This is one of my favorite looks right now...baggy jeans paired with heels and a dressy blouse. Casual/Glamorous (like the blog)! The hubs though, he just doesn't get boyfriend jeans. Maybe it's because after 5 minutes of wearing them the butt is all stretched out and saggy...but they are extra comfy that way! What, Nick, saggy jean butt isn't HOT?

And to answer the question I know is on all your minds: no, these outfit pics were not taken during an African Safari, and no, that is not a newly skinned rabbit fur I'm wearing. We just happen to have a bamboo jungle next to our driveway. And it's a squirrel, not a rabbit. Just kidding...it's a stray cat.

Alright, alright...it's from Zara. Boring. But at least no animals were harmed :)

Just some fun pics from Christmas :)

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