Monday, December 26, 2011

Bubba's Back!

Sweater & Bag: J. Crew (both on sale) Shirt (husband's): J. Crew outlet Leggings: Target Socks, Belt & Boots: Madewell

 Today's Copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Kayley of Sidewalk Ready...check her out here. I just recently discovered her blog, and I'm so excited I did because she has a very feminine & romantic style...go leave her some love!

And yes, that is the hubs' shirt I'm wearing...I can't believe I haven't discovered the second wardrobe that lies just inches from my own closet... until now. And it's perfect timing with the holidays and all the endless cookies, eggnog, etc... because now I can hide Bubba (my good 'ol second stomach) underneath layers and layers of Nick's baggy, comfy shirts. Hell freakin' yeah! Let's just say Santa didn't get any cookies & milk this year...

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