Friday, December 9, 2011

Locked Out

Pants: Urban Outfitters Top: Zara Sweater: Anthropologie (sale a few years back) Necklace: Madewell Scarf: Gap

 OK guys, I've been slacking on putting up this post because the truth is, I don't really like this outfit. I HATE when that happens. I just feel like I could have done so much more with this top. But anyway, here ya go. Frugal Friday's readers...check out older posts, I promise, I do have SOME cute outfits :)
So yeah, these photos aren't the best because of all the sunspots. My apologies! We also got locked out of our apartment while taking them. And to make matters neighbor WATCHED us taking these in the backyard which is SUPER embarrassing for me. And then after I ran away with my face hidden in my scarf, we had to ring his doorbell to have him let us in. That was pretty awkward. Did I mention I was accidentally standing on his vegetable garden while taking the pics? Yep. AWK - WARD

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