Monday, December 12, 2011

Lifestyles of the...

Jacket, Necklace & Bag: J. Crew Pants: Anthropologie Sweater: Old Navy Scarf & Boots: Madewell

This outfit was inspired by Bex of Bex...A Style Diary. Check her version out here. She just has the best personality (not that I've met her, but I can just tell) & has a super cute sense of style...go leave her some love!

This weekend was one of the firsts we have spent actually IN Boston/our apartment in awhile. The hubs & I are way popular & important, so we are always traveling & stuff. Lifestyles of the rich and famous you know? Ha, more like "lifestyles of the couple who has no friends or family in Boston & spends all their time & money driving to CT & NY every weekend"...but I can dream, right? Anyway, it was so nice to see some of the few people who actually DO like us around here...and just lay around doing absolutely NOTHING. Actually that's a lie, we had a lot to do since we are never around...but all the hours spent NOT driving made it feel like there was so much more nothing-ness/laziness this weekend. Amen to that!

What were you guys up to? Christmas is getting close!

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