Thursday, November 17, 2011

Team Edward

Pants, Boots, Bag: J. Crew Shirt & Scarf: Madewell Bracelet: J. Crew outlet

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday:

1. Leopard print & fur. I wore this top to a little party that was held at a "Rod & Gun Club." What is that? I have NO idea. But I decided for my own safety, I should probably hold the fur that night.
2. Shopping during the week instead of on the weekends. I went and did some errands/Christmas shopping last night...and it totally beats going on the weekend for a couple reasons: first, I don't have to wear my elbow pads to fight the crowds, which is awesome because those things never go with an outfit... and second, it's a GREAT excuse to skip the gym. So is just about anything I do, but last night, THAT was my excuse.
3. Twilight! I will probably not see it this weekend, but I am SO excited (maybe too excited) to see it soon. And actually, I think Nick is too. YES! (go Team Edward by the way).
4. Pecan Pie & Riesling: the two items I am responsible for bringing to Thanksgiving. Can you tell I like sweet things? I could eat a whole pecan pie in one sitting. I may or may not have driven to Stop & Shop last year and picked one up...and ate 75% while sitting alone in my car. I may or may not have drank 75% of a bottle of Riesling by myself last Wednesday. What does this tell you? Yes, I overindulge in more than just clothes. Doesn't look like my items will be making it to Thanksgiving mom...
5. Seeing Monty TWICE in a month. OK maybe this will become a blog about dogs...

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