Monday, November 14, 2011

Awkward Monday

Skirt & Shirt: Anthropologie Shoes & Belt & Bracelet: J. Crew Scarf: Madewell Tights: Target Watch: Michael Kors

It's copycat Monday and this outfit was inspired by Jules of Sincerely, Jules. Check her out here. I love the pattern mixing going on in this outfit. And my fur of course. It's my first piece of clothing that is faux fur...and I just couldn't stop petting it. Or picking the fuzzies from it out of my mouth. I'll take the good with the bad for some faux fur, how about you?

So I try to take my outfit pics on the weekend with the hubs, that way we can get some good daylight pics. On Saturday this plan was complicated by running into my landlord on our trip outside in outfit #1. I immediately become self - conscious because I know I am going to have to keep walking past her in 5 different outfits...and she is going to think I'm a little CRAZY. I get by with outfits 1 and 2, but then on round 3, I just can't bear the weird look she is giving me (because I have now changed 3 times in 20 minutes) I blurt out: It's OK, I just have a style blog. Hmm. A what? You know...where I make my husband take pictures of me in different outfits everyday, & then talk about them/my life on the internet with my bloggy friends. Yeah. So I'm pretty sure I convinced HER I'm not weird. And that Nick is not really my husband, but a photographer I hired to live with me/follow me around, documenting my every stroke of style genious.

And finally, here is the first of the long awaited photos of Montana (Monty). Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? Just agree with'll be better off :)

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