Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Santa...

Jacket & Boots: Madewell Sweater, Scarf & Shirt: J. Crew Leggings: Target Glasses: Warby Parker

cable knit
Sweater, Scarf, Hat, Glittens, Shoes: J. Crew Jeans: H & M Bag: Madewell

 It's Two for Tuesday and the item of the week is a cable knit sweater! I know, I'm pretty excited about cable knits too. If I could pair a cable knit with anything (which I can, via polyvore)...of course I go with some sweet leopard print. Polyvore is bad news....because the more I look at that outfit...the more I want to buy it/add it to my Christmas list. The problem is...I've already handed in/mailed my (very specific) Christmas list to my mom & the hubs/Santa. They always tease me because they say anything I ask for now, I won't want by the time it's Christmas. Actually mom, I'm pretty sure I will ALWAYS want those leopard print glittens you see above (hint). Anyway...do you guys do that? Create an itemized Christmas list? I mean, I know Christmas isn't all about the presents (it's about the eggnog, pretty decorations & music, let's be honest)...but I'm just sayin'...if I'm gonna get a gift...why shouldn't it be something I love? So that's my story about Christmas lists... hope you guys don't think I'm a brat now. I just know what I like, and yes, my Christmas list is 75% leopard print items...so get ready for a leopard print explosion: coming January 2012.

Here is 1 more pic of Monty doin' this thang. Don't worry...I promise this won't become a blog about dogs.

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