Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spid...

Shorts: American Eagle Tee, Tank & Boots: J. Crew
I've been wanting to try out the shorts/tights/boots combo for awhile now. This is my first attempt. I'll give it a B-. Mostly because in half the pics I'm either not smiling, or I'm feverishly checking for spiders on the shed (ahem, pic number 4). No seriously, that's what I was doing. Someone has a severe spider phobia. And I mean BAD. I couldn't even type out the full word for the post title. So we'll blame some of my meak half - smile pics on the nerves that Charlotte & her babies were in the vicinity, but for real...I'm gonna up the smiles & sunshine because if I'M not acting excited about my outfits...how can you? So get ready for it. Cheesy, tooth filled, squinty smiles. As soon as we get away from the shed.

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