Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Shirt, Skirt, Necklace, Bag - J. Crew, Shoes - Target

Ummm...anyone else notice my J. Crew addiction? Of course you did. But I didn't realize nearly everything in this outfit was J. Crew when I put it on...apparently I should buy some stock in J. Crew. Anyway, I took this plain 'ol pencil skirt and jazzed it up with some gingham and some pearls for Working Girl Wednesday. If gingham & pearls don't add some flava...well then I just give up! Yep, that easily. After just 3 posts. Joking, as usual.

Notice the gray wall. Nick & I were walking around our little neighborhood and stumbled across it. We also found a cool wall covered in graffiti...which we opted to NOT take pictures in front of at the time. Why? Weeeelllll.... there were some middle school punks playing basketball right near it. Who knows if they were actually punks...but a bunch of 12 year old boys shootin' hoops in baggy jeans can be quite intimidating when you are walking around in heels & pearls having pictures taken of yourself. Oh, self conciousness...there you are. Granted I had Nick to defend my honor had they tried to make fun of me...but I wanted to save him the awkward situation of chasing 12 year olds around. Or getting verbally abused by them. Middle schoolers can be SO mean sometimes, right?

So now everytime we walk around, we are looking for cool walls. Thanks little blog, for making us aware of every awesome wall in town.

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