Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm a cheap date

Top: Anthro (SALE!), Pants & Bag: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: American Eagle, Shoes: Target

It's frugal Friday...and this is my cheap outfit! Of course, it was the outfit Nick liked best of all my outfits this week...go figure. He was all "How come you don't wear these hot outfits when we go out?" Really Nick? REALLY? I would NEVER describe this outfit as hair is a mess and the top, though I love it, is not very form I didn't think it would catch the dear old husband's eye. And apparently, according to him, I look like a scrub in my expensive clothes whenever we do go out. Wake up call I suppose...I really DON'T have to go broke to look cute/"hot" (which I would never call myself, but it's all relative I guess). Funny the way men & women look at clothes differently...but it's nice to know I don't actually have to make a huge effort to impress my man. Though for the sake of being a newlywed, I shall continue to try.

So this weekend is my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! Yep, I get a whole weekend. I'm one of those people that love my birthday...and so it puts alot of pressure on Nick (so I'm told). This weekend we are headed up to Freeport, ME to do some apple picking, outlet shopping (sweeeeeet), and eat alot of delicious things. I'm pretty excited. One year (for my b-day) we went to NH and stayed in a bed & breakfast...we were the only 2 guests there, and so it was kind of awkward. Being in a stranger's house, having them cook for you then watch you eat it...pretending to not be terrified of cats when theirs mosied on over to my lap. Good times. Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend yourselves, and see ya Monday!

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