Monday, October 17, 2011

I heart the 90's

Bag & shirt: J. Crew, Sweater : H & M, Pants: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Madden Girl

I just liked this outfit better than the one above. Jacket: Madewell, Scarf: J.Crew outlet, Bag: J. Crew (sale)

So this outfit I am wearing (in first 3 pics) was a knock off of Sidney's outfit from The Daybook. See it here under Awkward & Awesome Thursday. Sidney is super adorable & has GREAT style! She looks cute in this outfit, but I'm not feelin' this variation on me...and I think it's the fact that my legs are so short...the ankle boot/sock combo is a no - no. Just a tip for us shorties out there...taller boots w/skinny pants work better, I think. Or, lose the socks like I did in the last outfit. Glad we can all learn from my horrible outfit attempt...hope I didn't scare you all away!

As  you all know from Friday, Nick & I celebrated my birthday this weekend in Maine. It was a BLAST from the time we left Boston. Here are some highlights:
 - Breakfast in bed with banana pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice. Jeez Louise I am a lucky girl.
- Listening to the musical stylings of several 90s artists (including Boyz II Men, Coolio, Alanis, etc.) and having a dance party in the car. Nick had some pretty sweet moves. Check him out mid  - dance below.
- A Madonna song coming on the radio and Nick saying
“Niiiiiice.” When I look at him weird, he goes “90s Madonna is the best Madonna.” Touche, husband.
- Hostess lady telling Nick that my sparkly clutch he was wearing went nicely with his outfit. We were in Maine, so I’m not sure if she was kidding…
 - The look our waitress gave us when we BOTH ordered a dessert. And insisting on getting the chocolate soufflé even after she says it will take another 20 minutes. Ha! My name is Annie, and I have a problem. Just like 12 year old girls scream, cry & shake out of happiness when they see Justin Bieber, I have a similar reaction to being near cookies, cakes, and definitely chocolate soufflé. Did she really think a measly 20 minutes could keep me from a warm, delicious, chocolatey dish of heaven, covered in vanilla cream sauce. I don’t THINK so!

Nick's dance moves

Breakfast in bed

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